MLA Associates Landscape Architects, Inc.
Whether you need landscape design for a new home or you want to upgrade your
existing landscape, MLA Associates can create an exciting new look for your home.
Engaging a landscape architect to work with is an easy process.

First, we would talk to you about what you envision for your home. We would discuss what your priorities
are and what landscape concepts would be best for your residence.

Secondly, we would schedule a visit to your home to walk through your front and back yards to get a feel for what might work for you. At this point we could talk about site elements, such as patio spaces, pool area, gardens, walls, walkways, water features and grass and planting areas. From this meeting MLA Associates would then develop a landscape design service proposal for the work to be performed.
Pricing for the landscape design drawings will vary based on your individual preferences and degree of detail required.

To help you better understand the way the plans are developed, the following drawing types are explained. We are available to provide an entire package of working drawings or any individual plans as required. If you would like to just get a preliminary plan to start with we can produce that as well. We can mix and match any plans that would best fit your needs.

The Design Drawing Process

Site Plan Development
- All plans start with an accurate, scaled site plan drawing that shows the existing or proposed residence, driveway, walks, patios, wall or fencing, property line, etc. The site plan will be created either from an existing type of survey drawing or we will field survey and measure the entire site. Once we have a base site plan with all site elements we will begin the conceptual design process.

Conceptual Landscape Design Plan- This plan will show the new elements, materials and new landscape spaces. This is the plan that additional ideas and concepts are introduced or modified. An evolving plan that will ultimately become the basis for all the other working drawings. (Planting plan, Irrigation Plan, Hardscape/Detail plan)

Once the conceptual landscape plan has been approved by you, we would then proceed to the working construction drawing phase.

Planting Plan- A plan that defines all the different types of plant material, their sizes and locations in your yard. Plants are selected and located for best orientation, shading, visualization and horticultural requirements.

Irrigation Plan- An important plan that shows the layout of all piping, locations of all control valves and equipment. MLA Associates are experts in designing highly efficient irrigation systems for grass areas, raised planters and planting areas.

Hardscape / Detail Plan- This plan illustrates in fine detail how the hardscape elements are to be put together and built. They could include detailing for pools, walls, garden planters, water features, trellis and hardscape surface materials.

Once all these plans are completed and approved by you we can move onto the bidding phase. Whether you plan on constructing it yourself or hiring a contractor these plans will provide guidance and direction throughout the construction process.

MLA Associates can assist you in the bidding process and help you select a competent landscape contractor to perform the installation of the project. Having a finished set of drawings holds all bidders to the same items. Everyone is bidding apples to apples.

MLA Associates can be available to assist you throughout the entire installation process. Our greatest achievement is that what we have designed exceeds your expectations and is a place you will enjoy for many years.

Call Pat Morse at 480-226-4278 to get your project started.