MLA Associates utilizes the latest in computer drawing
technology and graphic generation of landscape concepts.
Various techniques are realized to communicate spatial
development of the project.

Conceptual Landscape Development Plans
Design and Visualization of Ideas and Elements.

Planting Design 
Placement and selection of plant species based on
orientation, site conditions, aesthetics and municipal
requirements.  Preliminary, Master Plan and Construction plans.

Irrigation System Design
Design irrigatiion system and schematic placement of
irrigation components and equipment for all types of lawn
sprinklers, drip emitters, bubblers and reclaimed water systems.

Hardscape Design
Plan layout of materials types and specifications. Detailing
and dimensioning of hardscape design elements and

Pool and Water Feature Design
Swimming Pool design, aquatic and pond design.
Naturalistic, artistic and formal water feature types with
variable flow characteristics. 

Park Design
Sports field, open space, play structure areas, jogging,
walking trail and pathway design.

Landscape Lighting Design
Light fixture selection and location for enhancement of
landscape features.

Environmental Resource Report Services
Flood plain/wash locations, soil conditions, easements,
ground water recharge potential and sediment transport
characteristics. Identifying the type, location and extent of
all riparian resources, plant associations and botanical

Site Plant Inventory Survey and Analysis
Detailed site survey of existing plant material on site. 

Landscape Construction Management
On site verification of landscape installation as per
approved plan.